Connecting the Brain to the Rest of the Body: Early Childhood
Development and Lifelong Health

Crucial paper from Harvard Center for the Developing Child for policymakers, leaders & workers in health, justice, education & social care on the need to develop systems that take the profound human & economic cost of childhood adversity seriously, moving upstream to address the sources of these problems in early childhood.

Parent Infant Foundation

A national charity campaigning for policies and services that support vital early relationships, & supporting specialised parent-infant relationship teams across the UK.

Zero to Three

A valuable website with lots of resources for understanding what children need & what helps them develop

Allan Schore

A leading neuroscientist explains the science of the art of psychotherapy

Young Minds

Information & resources for anyone working with children or young people, or for parents worried about their children’s behaviour, emotional problems and mental health


Iain McGilchrist:The divided brain

A fascinating animation about the nature of the interrelation between the two hemispheres of the brain

Learning Studio

Effective support for creative organisational development, including children’s services, especially at times of change

Boston Change Process Study Group

A group of internationally renowned infancy researchers who study how change happens in normal development & apply it to the way psychotherapy works

Tavistock Centre

Internationally recognised leader in the field of mental health

Anna Freud Centre

International study centre offering training courses & conferences on the mental health of children and young people

Association of Child Psychotherapists

The professional association for child psychotherapy in the UK, including a Find a Therapist link